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Hinged World Cup Rugby Posts – Competition Spec (13.5m Or 17m High)

Hinged World Cup Quality rugby posts manufactured from powder coated aluminium. Bottom uprights are made from 140mm OD aluminium with 130mm OD aluminium top uprights. Deep 1.5m ground sockets with caps included. Available in heights of 13.5m or 17m. Sold in pairs.

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Competition Grade Aluminium Hinged Rugby Posts 

  • Ultra-Durable Aluminium

    To ensure the frame of these rugby posts remains strong and stable throughout matches, its bottom uprights are manufactured from 140mm OD aluminium and the top uprights made from 130mm OD aluminium.

  • Hinged Bases

    Designed to be incredibly easy to disassemble after professional rugby matches, these posts are constructed with heavy-duty steel hinged adapters. These metal pivots allow you to erect the rugby goals at a pace you feel comfortable with.

  • Competition Spec Rugby Posts

    The perfect way to upgrade your current rugby matchday posts, the dimensions of these aluminium posts conform with IRB and RLIF regulations. This official spec makes these hinged posts suitable for both Rugby Union and Rugby League teams.   


Professional Grade Hinged Aluminium Rugby Posts Available Individually Or As a Pair

Made to withstand the rigorous tests of competitive rugby matches, these posts are constructed from several thickness of ultra-durable powder coated OD aluminium. This premium composition ensures you can rely on these professional rugby posts to maintain their uniform shape when struck by balls and players. The top and bottom uprights are manufactured from 130mm and 140mm OD aluminium respectively, while the 3m (10ft) high crossbar is made from thinner 89mm OD aluminium. This ultra-durable metal allows the competition rugby goal posts to be left outside throughout heavy-rainfall or intense sunlight without suffering from corrosion.

  • Competition standard rugby goal posts available in heights of 13.5m (44ft) or 17m (56ft) 
  • Constructed from heavy-duty OD aluminium which is powder coated with white polyester
  • Top uprights are made from 130mm OD aluminium
  • Bottom uprights are made from 140mm OD aluminium
  • Crossbar is manufactured from 89mm aluminium
  • 1.5m (5ft) galvanised steel sockets are supplied with welded base plates and socket lids
  • Hinged bases facilitate quick and easy post erection and dismounting 
  • Rugby posts comply with IRB and RLIF regulations when post protectors are attached

To ensure these aluminium rugby goal posts are easy to install and dismount after competitive matches, they feature hinged bases. This component allows you to tip the posts up or down at your own pace, providing you with a safe way to erect your rugby goal posts. Another useful element of the goal posts is their deep steel ground sockets which are 1.5m (5ft) long. The metal sockets root the uprights in position. This deep bond ensures the posts will not topple over when struck by senior rugby players. High-quality welded ground socket lids and caps are also included. The caps negate the risk of people tripping over the sockets, increasing the level of safety on your rugby pitch when the posts are not installed. 

The best way to upgrade your current rugby goal posts, these 13.5m (44ft) or 17m (56ft) tall rugby posts conform with IRB and RLIF specifications. As the posts meet official regulations they can be used by professional Rugby Union and Rugby League teams, during senior international tournaments and in elite stadiums when post protectors are attached.



  • Heights available: 13.5m (44ft) or 17m (56ft)
  • Crossbar stands at a height of 3m (10ft) from the ground
  • Ground sockets: 1.5m (5ft)


  • Bottom uprights: 140mm OD aluminium  
  • Top uprights and crossbar: 130mm OD aluminium  
  • For the 17m (56ft) high posts a further 120mm OD aluminium top upright is added
  • Crossbar: 89mm OD aluminium
  • Ground sockets: Galvanised steel
  • Hinged adapters: Welded steel with tensile nuts, bolts and washers 
  • All metal work is finished with a polyester powder coating


  • Rugby goal posts are made for professional rugby clubs, elite stadiums and senior international tournaments 
  • Posts conform with World Rugby & RLIF Regulations when post protectors are used
  • Ground sockets need to be concreted into the ground for maximum stability
  • Welded base plate and socket lids included
  • It is recommended the rugby posts are taken down during gale force winds 
  • Rugby posts are supplied in pieces and will need to be assembled
  • Aluminium rugby posts are the strongest in their field 



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