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Aluminium Baseball Field Drag Mat

Keep your baseball fields in professional condition with this baseball drag mat. Created using PVC material & available in two styles (Standard of Heavy Duty). Drag Mat features an aluminium rail with user-friendly drag cord. Single or Double-Layer.

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Aluminium Baseball Field Drag Mat Specifications


  • Standard Drag Mat: 6.5ft x 3.8ft | 200cm x 115cm
  • Heavy Duty Drag Mat: 6.5ft x 5ft | 200cm x 150cm


  • Drag Mats are manufactured using high-quality PVC
  • Heavy Duty version features reinforced PVC for increased strength & performance
  • Drag mats feature a premium aluminium rail


  • Baseball Drag Mats are 100% weatherproof & can be left outside
  • Drag mats feature a user-friendly drag cord
  • Choice of drag mats available; Standard or Heavy Duty
  • Drag mats can be purchased as a single or double-layer option
Aluminium Baseball Field Drag Mat – Smooth & Level Baseball Pitches

If you’re looking for a drag mat that guarantees a professional-quality baseball pitch infield every time, then look no further than these Aluminium Baseball Field Drag Mats. Created using high-quality PVC material, these drag mats will collect any surface-debris using the aluminium drag rail whilst ensuring your pitch remains smooth & level thanks to the PVC mat. A simple way to keep your pitches pristine, these drag mats are 100% weatherproof & exceptionally durable. Completing the impressive baseball drag mat is the user-friendly drag cord which allows anyone to simply use it whilst allowing it to be hung up during storage too.

  • Aluminium Baseball Field Drag Mat – Keep the infield smooth & level
  • Drag mats feature a high-quality PVC material for guaranteed professional finish
  • Two styles available: Standard (6.5ft x 3.8ft) & Heavy Duty (6.5ft x 5ft)
  • Both styles of Baseball Drag Mat come as a single or double-layer
  • Drag mat comes with a premium-grade aluminium rail
  • User-friendly drag cord allows for simple-application & easy-storage

PLEASE NOTE: The Aluminium Baseball Field Drag Mat can be purchased as a single or double-layer option and comes in two styles; Standard or Heavy Duty. Please select accordingly above.

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