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Golf Balls

Let us proudly introduce our premium FORB range of golf balls, designed to deliver a professional feel to your golf balls. Our rapidly expanding FORB range by Net World Sports supplies a variety of golf balls and golf ball accessories to keep you playing at the top of your game. Whatever your handicap or swing range, we have the perfect golf balls to suit your needs.

First up we have our FORB F-3 Ultra Precision golf ball. Boasting an amazing 3-piece design, this golf ball has a strong inner core to ensure maximum driving distance, an MOI boosting outer mantle layer for great ball control, all cased in a durable surlyn cover which gives less spin off and reduces sidespin.

The outer casing of the golf ball boasts fantastic SCU technology which makes it a perfect ball for direction off the tee while giving a solid contact and great control. The outstanding technology behind this golf ball ensures your golf equipment is of the highest quality to guaranteed to add a positive impact to your game.

Our incredible golf balls feature 312 dimples to improve driving distance, that’s a lot of dimples on a small golf ball! Combined with 75 compressions for a softer feel, these golf balls are truly an essential part of your golf kit. Creating good distance is a vital feature for a golf ball, which is why our FORB F-3 balls combine multi dimples with an explosive elasticity core to fuel the driving distance. Take our quality F-3 golf balls out to the golf course and watch them soar!

Our FORB F-3 golf balls come in a handy pack of 12 balls to ensure that you’re never left short on the golf course. Its an unfortunate given that some golf balls will get lost along your golfing journey, however thanks to the amazing price of our FORB golf balls, losing your golf balls won’t damage your wallet!

These F-3 golf balls are best suited for golfers with low to mid swing as they respond well around the golf course and gives good distance off the tee. When you’re putting in those long hours at the driving range, you’ll need quality golf equipment to make sure you’re getting the maximum result out of your practice sessions. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to golf balls!

Our FORB F-5 Tour Quality Golf Balls are truly something to brag about! Our premium range of golf balls have an ingenious 4-piece design for the maximum golf experience. Each smart layer offers something different to form the perfect golf ball.

Starting with the inner core which has been created to ensure great flight and respond to your swing. Then there’s the inner mantle, a clever addition exclusive to FORB, which provides ultimate short and long game control. The outer mantle has an MOI boosting layer to help with ball roll and putting, thanks to its clever balance. The casing of our premium F-5 golf ball boasts SCU technology for better spin and ball control.

Our F-5 golf ball has 90 compressions to offer the best ball control, compared to the F-3 which has 75 compressions, as it’s suited to golfers with a lower swing. The F-5 also has 338 dimples in its outer layer to maintain high ball speed and give your golf ball an aerodynamic flight.

Golf balls with higher ball speeds are always more favourable with professionals, which is why we’re so proud of how our F-5 reaches speeds of up to 139.6 mph, which is higher than the Callaway Chrome Soft, which has speeds of up to 137.9 mph. Our FORB F-5 golf balls also have higher spin rates than the Callaway, with ours coming in at 3015.2 rpm and Callaway at 2726.3 rpm. During tests our super F-5 beat Nike RZN golf balls when it came to carry distance, with the F-5 carrying 208.3 yards and the Nike just 205.8 yards. FORB F-5 comes out as a winner time and time again, test them out for yourself!

The F-5 golf ball has been designed with professional golfers in mind, along with those who share the passion for golf. The golf course is a place of endless competitions, practice sessions and more, which means you will need only the best golf accessories.

Our FORB Golf Divot Tool is an essential in any golfers carry bag. Quickly and efficiently fix those pesky divots so you can continue your game smoothly. Our handy golf divot tools come in a pack of two, so you never have to find yourself without. Affordable whilst still maintaining the high FORB reputation, these white plastic tools are a must.

Another golf essential is our FORB Golf Ball Markers. Use it to mark where your ball has landed so your game can continue to flow efficiently. Available in a pack of 25, thee multi-coloured golf ball markers are truly a golfer’s best friend!

Where would we be without the humble golf tee?! Complete your quality FORB golf ball set with a jumbo pack of FORB Golf Tees. Available in a huge pack of 200 tees, there’s no need to worry about running out of golf tees while you’re out in the middle of that all-important golf tournament. There are three sizes of tee in this pack, all for different environments. We have a small 54mm for in the woods, the medium 70mm for small headed drivers and three woods, then the largest tee we have is a huge 83cm perfect for the big headed drivers. We have every aspect of the golf game covered here at Net World Sports!

At Net World Sports we aim to give all golfers the best possible equipment to be able to reach their full potential. If you’re dreaming of being the next Jordan Speith, then you’ll need top equipment to help you on your golfing journey to stardom. Check out our amazing range of FORB golf balls, sold exclusively here at Net World Sports.

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