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Tennis Posts

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  1. Sale
    Indoor & Outdoor Tennis Posts | Net World Sports

    Vermont Square Tennis Posts

    Special Price AED1,424.99

    Regular Price: AED1,799.99

  2. Sale
    Vermont Tennis Posts - Round | Socketed Tennis Posts | Wimbledon Green Tennis Posts | Net World Sports

    Vermont Round Tennis Posts

    Special Price AED1,459.99

    Regular Price: AED1,834.99

  3. Sale
    42ft Doubles Regulation Freestanding Tennis Posts | Net World Sports

    Vermont 360° Freestanding Tennis Posts [Tournament Grade]

    Special Price AED4,549.99

    Regular Price: AED5,524.99

  4. Sale
    Vermont Tennis Net & Posts Custom Package | Create Your Own Tennis Court | Net World Sports

    Vermont Tennis Net & Posts Custom Package

    Special Price AED2,129.99

    Regular Price: AED2,669.99

  5. Sale
    Wimbledon Style Wooden Tennis Posts ITF Tournament Regulation | Net World Sports

    Wooden Tennis Posts [Wimbledon Spec]

    Special Price AED9,729.99

    Regular Price: AED12,349.99

  6. Sale
    Vermont ProCourt Mini Tennis & Badminton Combi Net | Garden Sports For Families | Net World Sports

    Vermont ProCourt Mini Tennis & Badminton Combi Net

    Special Price AED259.99

    Regular Price: AED474.99

  7. Sale
    ProCourt Mini Tennis Net & Racket Set

    Vermont ProCourt Mini Tennis Net & Racket Set

    Special Price AED524.99

    Regular Price: AED664.99

  8. Sale
    Badminton/Tennis Net & Racket Set | Badminton Rackets | Tennis Rackets | Tennis Balls | Shuttlecocks | Tennis Nets | Badminton Nets | Net World Sports

    Vermont ProCourt Mini Tennis & Badminton Net & Racket Set

    Special Price AED744.99

    Regular Price: AED939.99

  9. Sale
    Tennis Net & Post Lacing Bars (x 2)

    Tennis Net & Post Lacing Bars (Pair)

    Special Price AED159.99

    Regular Price: AED189.99

  10. Sale
    Replacement Caps For Ground Sockets

    Replacement Caps For Ground Sockets [All Sizes]

    Special Price AED19.99

    Regular Price: AED29.99

  11. Sale
    Brass Winder Mechanism For Tennis Posts | Net World Sports

    Tennis Post Winder Mechanism & Handle

    Special Price AED599.99

    Regular Price: AED759.99

  12. Sale
    Tennis Post Winder Handles

    Tennis Post Winder Handle & Screw

    Special Price AED189.99

    Regular Price: AED249.99

  13. Sale
    Flip Top Square Tennis Post Socket | Ground Sockets | Tennis Post Sockets | Ground Socket Caps / Lids | Net World Sports

    Tennis Post Ground Sleeve Sockets

    Special Price AED324.99

    Regular Price: AED434.99

  14. Sale
    tennis singles sticks placement

    Tennis Net Singles Sticks [Aluminium]

    Special Price AED324.99

    Regular Price: AED414.99

  15. Sale
    Tennis Net Height | How To Put A Tennis Net On

    Tennis Net Centre Strap [Premium Grade]

    Special Price AED79.99

    Regular Price: AED99.99

  16. Sale
    Tennis Centre Strap Base Weight | Net World Sports

    Tennis Net Centre Strap Base Weight

    Special Price AED229.99

    Regular Price: AED289.99

  17. Sale
    Tennis Centre Strap Ground Anchor Socket | Professional Quality | Ultra Heavy Duty | Net World Sports

    Tennis Centre Strap Ground Anchor Socket

    Special Price AED129.99

    Regular Price: AED179.99

  18. Sale
    Tennis Centre Strap 'M' Peg (Tennis Set)

    Tennis Centre Strap 'M' Peg

    Special Price AED139.99

    Regular Price: AED179.99

  19. Sale
    Vermont Tennis Socket Extenders [Pair]

    Vermont Tennis Socket Extenders [Pair]

    Special Price AED249.99

    Regular Price: AED324.99

  20. Tennis Net Headline Wire | Double Loop | Durable Tennis Net Headline Wire Cable | Net World Sports

    Tennis Net Headline Wire Cable

  21. Sale
    What is the official height of a tennis net? Official Tennis Net Height

    Tennis Net Measuring Stick

    Special Price AED129.99

    Regular Price: AED179.99

At Net World Sports, our top tennis gear is used in schools and clubs throughout the world. It has featured at major events such as Wimbledon, the Australian Open, the French Open and the Indian Wells Masters - a testament to their outstanding quality. At Net World Sports, we always serve up a winner.

Whether you need portable tennis posts with weighted bases for an indoor court or permanent socketed posts for a grass court, we have an option to suit you. Choose from wooden or steel, and round or square posts depending on your tennis court location and aesthetic. Here at Net World Sports, we have a range for all tastes.

Our premium own brand, Vermont, is our newest addition to the company, and is taking the tennis scene by storm. Our Vermont tennis posts, have proved a Grand Slam around the world. Manufactured and designed to the highest licensed tournament specifications, the Vermont round posts are held in the highest regard by the likes of the US Open's Flushing Meadows venue due to their classic appearance and near indestructibility. Made to be long-lasting, Vermont tennis posts are a must-have for anyone looking to follow the golden path of Federer.

Our Vermont square tennis posts remain a timeless classic. These English style square tennis posts remain one of Net World Sports’ biggest sellers. Its traditional shape and style are an all-round winner. Add a touch of class that players and audiences will all enjoy, upgrade your court to professional standards with our affordable and stylish tennis posts.

If you’re looking to recreate your own Wimbledon, then why not add the charm of our Wimbledon style wooden tennis posts to your tennis court. Made from solid oak wood, these hand carved tennis posts have been exquisitely treated in three coatings of golden varnish for a superb, professional finish. A set of elegant and traditional posts that can be admired while enjoying a helping of strawberries and cream.

Tennis is a sport that can, and is, enjoyed by all ages and all varying skills. If you’re just starting out, then learn with the best and get affordable equipment that’s strong, durable and made to last. If you’re a seasoned professional, then you will know the value of good tennis posts. Net World Sports can cater to all.

The Vermont posts are engineered from heavy grade 76mm steel and powder coated green to resist rusting and intense wear and tear, day in, day out. As well as being stylish, these posts are strong and weatherproof, making them a key feature of your court.

All our tennis posts are sold complete with a striking brass winding mechanism for effortlessly altering tennis net tension. Top quality equipment is vital in helping you to become the best and ace the opposition!

If you are looking for the full package, then the Vermont tennis net and posts package has you covered! Custom made to give your court a new lease of life, you can choose from a selection of nets, posts, and fixing points, there is no other bundle on the market that includes such high-quality tennis court equipment. There's even a Centre Strap included, so you'll have to choose a fixing which is suitable for your courts. Luckily, we cater to all courts - Pick a Ground Anchor for hard & clay courts, M-Peg for grass courts, or alternatively use a Base Weight for hard courts. It is your choice, or as they say, the ball is in your court.

Vermont also stock a range of combination nets, allowing you to mix things up and alternate between a game of Mini Badminton and Mini Tennis with the simple addition or removal of just one post. The ProCourt Mini Combination Net is arguably one of our most popular products and it’s easy to see why. Perfect for families and players-on-the-go; enjoy leisurely time with the kids in the garden or indoor playroom. It’s also a great companion on a getaway thanks to its super lightweight material, and the whole set can be easily stored in the carry bag. Assemble & takedown this badminton and tennis net within a matter of minutes.

Whether it’s youngsters from aged three enjoying their first taste of tennis, recreational play just for fun, providing a platform for developing or performance level players to get competitive action, or giving elite tennis aces the opportunity to compete at county, regional or national standard, Net World Sports vast array of tennis equipment makes us the perfect playing partner.

Our heavy-duty freestanding tennis posts couldn't be easier to store, transport and assemble; they are able to be split into smaller sections, all fittings for assembly are included and both posts are fitted with wheels to aid transportation. These tennis posts are the perfect solution for tennis courts without the capacity to install permanent or socketed tennis posts. Manufactured to official ITF Tournament Specifications, they are both practical, professional and completely authentic, taking inspiration from the timeless style of Wimbledon's tennis posts.

Accompany your posts with our comprehensive range of Vermont tennis nets, tennis training gear, and general sports equipment. We have accessories for all your tennis needs, including a net height gauge, a centre strap base weight and a ground anchor socket. We added to this opening ‘serve’ of tennis court equipment with a ‘volley’ of additional items, such as Slazenger tennis balls and net headline wire. You can find it all here at Net World Sports.

Our proudest moment was supplying the tennis nets to the most distinguished tournament in Tennis, the grass tennis courts of the Wimbledon Championship. Our experts will help you select the net best suited for your tennis posts and assist with any other questions you may have. Feel free to ask our staff for advice on any of our products, our relentless dedication to offering the best experience possible means that our customer service is unrivalled.

If you’re looking for affordable quality to look the part and stand the test of time, then Net World Sports is the perfect ‘game, set & match’.

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