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Flat Sheet Cricket Covers [250gsm] - Semi Translucent

Ultra-heavy-duty PVC pitch covers for cricket wickets. Offering excellent protection from rain & other adverse weather, the semi-translucent design allows sunlight through. 5 sizes available.

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Flat Sheet Covers - Protection For Cricket Wickets & The Outfield

  • Professional Cricket Wicket Covers | Cricket Ground Equipment

    Semi Translucent Design

    These professional cricket sheet covers feature an innovative semi-translucent design, which allows them to protect your wickets & pitches whilst letting sunlight through to help grass grow.

  • Simple Cricket Wicket Protection | Heavy Duty Handles

    Efficient Pitch Protection

    The high-quality wicket covers are conveniently light in weight and feature 8 heavy-duty handles, allowing ground staff to cover multiple pitches at a time quickly. Choice of 5 sizes available.

  • Ultra Durable PVC Cricket Pitch Covers | Professional Cricket Equipment

    Heavy Duty Covers

    Expertly manufactured using high-quality 250gsm PVC, these Flat Sheet Cricket covers guarantee supreme durability. For increased strength, hems are reinforced to prevent the edges from fraying.

Flat Sheet Cricket Covers Specifications

Sizes Available:

  • 82ft x 13ft | 25m x 4m (1 wicket coverage)
  • 82ft x 26ft | 25m x 8m (2 wicket coverage)
  • 82ft x 39ft | 25m x 12m (3 wicket coverage)
  • 82ft x 52ft | 25m x 16m (4 wicket coverage)
  • 41ft x 13ft | 12.5m x 4m (Bowlers’ run up coverage)


  • Manufactured using ultra-durable 250gsm PVC
  • Features reinforced hems for increased longevity & fray prevention
  • Eyelets: rust-resistant brass


  • Semi-translucent cricket covers allow sunlight through for grass growth
  • 8 easy-grip heavy duty handles to allow users to move it with ease
  • Rust-resistant brass eyelets allow sheets to be secured to ground during windy conditions


  • Colour: White with Net World Sports branding
  • Caution: In the event of unusually stormy weather, it is recommended that covers are stored away, as securing them to the ground via the eyelets in extreme winds, may cause damage to the sheet material

Professional Quality Cricket Covers – Protect Your Wicket & Key Outfield Areas

An excellent choice for cricket clubs, schools & sports facilities, these professional cricket pitch covers will ensure your wickets & pitches remain in pristine condition throughout the season. Ideal for keeping your cricket wicket and bowler’s run-off areas expertly protected, these flat sheet covers feature 8 heavy-duty handles to allow users to manoeuvre them with ease. As well as offering supreme protection from the elements, the cricket covers semi-translucent design lets sunlight through, allowing the grass to continue to grow even when covered up.

  • Professional Flat Sheet Cricket Covers – Cricket Wicket & Outfield Protection (5 Sizes)
  • Manufactured from ultra-durable 250gsm PVC (lightweight & easy to move)
  • Sheets are semi-translucent to allow sunlight through to aid grass growth
  • Cricket covers features brass eyelets every 5ft & 8 easy-grip handles
  • Reinforced hems give Flat Sheet Cricket Covers supreme durability – lasting multiple seasons

Expertly manufactured using an ultra-heavy-duty PVC composition, these Flat Sheet Cricket Covers combine an elite performance with world-class durability. Designed to give your turf exceptional protection from rain & other harsh weather conditions, these sheets feature rust-resistant brass eyelets (every 5ft) and 8 high-quality, easy-grip handles. For increased strength & longevity, the reinforced hems work to prevent fraying over time, ensuring your cricket wickets remain completely protected when being used.

PLEASE NOTE: These Flat Sheet Cricket Covers are available in white & feature our Net World Sports Logo. To choose the right size wicket cover for your cricket pitch, please select accordingly above.

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