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FORZA Hockey Mannequins

Junior and senior FORZA Hockey Mannequins made from highly durable PVC with a moulded chest piece, and built in spikes. Perfect for emulating positions of players in training drills. Available in junior (5.4ft) or senior (6ft) sizes.

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Enhance Your Session With This Training Drill Aid


  • Two Height Options: Junior or Senior
  • Width: 24inches
  • Junior (inserted into ground): 5.4ft (5.2ft) | 1.6m (1.58m) 
  • Senior (inserted into ground): 6ft (5.8ft) | 1.8m (1.76m)


  • Each mannequin is manufactured from durable PVC with a moulded chest piece
  • Includes 4 ground spikes to secure the mannequin into the ground


  • Sold individually or as a set of three
  • For use on harder surfaces, the mannequin can be used with our weighted rubber mannequin bases (sold separately).

In any sport, practice makes perfect, and these hockey mannequins are a fantastic piece of training ground equipment to let you do just that. Whether you want to practice short corners or your attacking play, the hockey mannequin can have an input.

Manufactured from 34mm (1.34 in) thick durable PVC, these high-quality mannequins are made to replicate opposition players. The versatile mannequins can be used for a wide range of training exercises, to improve performance on the field. They can be used as physical obstacle to dribble around to ensure your skilful drags are substantial enough, or place holders to practice your attacking play. Another use you may find with the mannequin is as a defender on the line for short corner practice. Allow your drag flicker to perfect their top corner accuracy, with the mannequin acting as a space holder, limiting the goal space.

The fluorescent yellow PVC is highly visible in low-light conditions and has been specially designed to last. Coated in a UV protective layer, the mannequins are made to withstand all weather conditions and are not likely to fade in colour. The mannequins are designed to allow air to flow through them, providing extra stability during times of high winds. The mannequins feature built in steel ground spikes, suitable for soft grass surfaces. The spikes can fit into our FORZA Rubber Bases for Mannequins (sold Separately), which will make them suitable as a training aid for harder surfaces such as AstroTurf and indoor play.

  • Available in junior (5.4ft/1.6m) and senior (6ft/1.8m) sizes
  • Made from shatterproof PVC with a moulded chest piece for extra durability
  • Great targets for dribbling and other attacking minded drills
  • Secured into the ground with ground spikes
  • Mannequins work with our weighted rubber mannequin bases for use on surfaces such as AstroTurf or indoors
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